ClipLizard Systems, LLC®
An Innovation For The Automotive Repair Industry

My father realized in the 60’s how much the automotive repair industry was changing. What began as a few generic nuts and bolts, turned into clips specific to automotive makes. My father had a better answer to real business needs than cheap clips. He spent a lot of time organizing clips for the shop. Organization allowed technicians to spend less time searching for clips and more time on a repair. My father was not interested in overloading his customers with useless clips to pad his paycheck. He focused on helping his customers find the single correct clip as it was “worth more than 100 clips that would make do”.

I built on what my father taught me, while we were helping body shops. I developed the automotive repair industry’s first materials supplemental invoice system. The ability to invoice allowed shops to get paid for clips and increase their profitability. I also created a hyper-organized part number cabinet system to increase the shops efficiency. Most importantly, I realized the value of the partnership between a paint distributor and a body shop. We strive to strengthen that bond by teaching your PBE distributor how to supply all your associated material needs. This eliminates excess vendors and invoices without the delay of the typical “clip guy”. Today all clips that hold vehicles together have become more complicated. They are specific to vehicle make and model. Hundreds of new clips are being released each year.

Consider allowing ClipLizard® to work with your paint supplier to accomplish improving these business goals for your business:

Cycle-Time by providing daily delivery of clips.

Touch-Time by providing a hyper-organized system to save your technicians time searching for clips.

Profitability by providing software systems that reduce clip, material, and paint inventory expense.

Repair Quality by giving your team confidence that they have the right materials to return the vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Ray Wilhoite II

Owner | ClipLizard®