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Have Control of Your Inventory Instead of Your Inventory Controlling You
Stay lean, organized, and profitable with a Complete Inventory Management system. Complete Inventory Management allows you to control all products from one location. Track paint, toners, sandpaper, office supplies, etc. Provide efficient and acceptable invoice documentation for all products used on a repair.

A Complete Inventory Management system includes Materials Manager™, a Cabinet System, and a shelving unit labeled for repair materials all provided through your PBE distributor.

Materials Manager™
Materials Manager™ is a cutting-edge innovation for a body shop's productivity. It's simple yet effective interface is designed to quickly return the technician back to the repair. In as few as four scans, without the need of a keyboard and a mouse, technicians can easily produce itemized invoices. On the same invoice which includes vendor information, technicians may also include all other billable repair materials. Eliminate printing the invoice by using Materials Manager™ two-way CCC ONE® integration. Materials Manager™ does not require internet connectivity to generate invoices, track usage, and produce profitability reports.

Cabinet System
Our toolbox quality Cabinet System lasts decades in body shops. All like items are in one drawer, allowing technicians to open one drawer instead of spending time searching many. Each labeled divider within the drawers includes a picture of the clip, description, and measurements. Our cabinets are proudly made in the USA.